Replacing apache with nginx

Gena Makhomed gmm at
Wed Oct 1 05:36:25 MSD 2008

On Wednesday, October 1, 2008 at 0:48:26, mike wrote:

>> if the shared session storage are not redundant - we must
>> use sticky sessions if want avoid single point of failure

m> if i am user A going to server A, when server A dies, my session needs
m> to be migrated to server B. if server A is dead, it can't migrate.

yes, 1/N of all sessions will be lost, but failed server will be
marked as failed and for all new clients site will works normally.

if fail dedicated session storage server - all session will not work.
may be in hours, before admins configure new server instead of failed.

this is simple tradeoff: "reliability" vs "performance" vs "complexity"
"complexity" - in case of "failsafe (redundant) shared session storage"

m> depending on the size of your site you can use
m> a two-phase plan involving memcached and mysql,

this is may be too complex and/or too slow in use.

m> use mysql cluster,

may be, this is the best solution. thanks for idea!

m> or just mysql master/slave (not multi-master)

if master server fails - sessions will be "read-only".

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