Replacing apache with nginx

mike mike503 at
Wed Oct 1 19:50:54 MSD 2008

On Wed, Oct 1, 2008 at 5:56 AM, Dave Cheney <dave at> wrote:
> Have you considered other options, both of which have no single point of
> failure.
> 1. Cookie sessions, as implemented by Rails 2.0
> 2. Having no sessions at all, the cookie is a token into the user record,
> which is used to construct the rest of the object graph on the fly, as used
> by ebay

what is the difference of "cookie sessions" vs normal?

is the payload completely stored on the user's machine then?

essentially sessions -are- a cookie-based token that has the data
stored on the server somewhere... sounds like they're just using a
persistent cookie with the user info instead of a randomly generated
session ID per session and retrieving the information based on user ID
(which actually requires a central database/user management then, as
it would be horrible to have -no- information on the user by sharding
up the data and pairing a webserver/webservers to a specific
database/pool of databases, unless it was redundant)

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