phpSysInfo 2.5.4 slow with nginx 0.6.32 and php-fpm

Georgi Hristozov georgi at
Thu Oct 2 10:27:41 MSD 2008

Robert Gabriel wrote:
> Hi, Im running a web server with nginx 0.6.32, php-fpm, on Ubuntu server
> 8.04. The system configuration is: Intel Pentium D 3.2, 4GB DDR2, 200GB
> disk and a 20MBit connection. Every php script works quiet fast, but
> phpSysinfo its really slow, seems to take like 3 sec to load, but when I
> was running apache with mod_php it was working fast also.
> Here is my configuration of nginx.conf and the info vhost:
>  <snip>
> Also php-fpm is setup with 5 children, if it matters or not.

phpSysInfo is a very slow script, full of reads to /proc and friends, 
and polling deamons such as hddtemp. So it's very slow even on good 
configurations. Why don't you try installing some opcode cachers such as 
eAcclerator/XCache, if you haven't done so yet?
Georgi Hristozov

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