question about traffic statistics on each vhost,is it po

mike mike503 at
Thu Oct 2 21:15:18 MSD 2008

On Thu, Oct 2, 2008 at 9:12 AM, Ed W <lists at> wrote:

> Previously there was a syslog patch sent to the list (which I hope might one
> day get committed... here's hoping...).
> With a bit of ingenuity you can syslog to some other machine which simply
> eats the syslog and computes some stats.
> Alternatively it's not rocket science to write a little perl demon which
> just tails your log file and generates stats.  It might even work to have
> nginx write to some kind of named pipe and have your perl demon consume the
> log file without spooling to disk at all (what happens if something falls
> over though... Writing to disk gives you some soft coupling of systems)

nah, i already thought of that, it'd be the same approach using
something like ulog-acctd and counting the actual bytes per ip...

a simple access log with only the information i need would be the best option.

basically unless the daemon itself is summarizing the info or
something it makes no sense to me to create another pipe/daemon/etc.
that is being fed the info constantly, i'd rather just batch it once
per day at that point :p


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