h.264 streaming support?

Thomas iamkenzo at gmail.com
Wed Oct 8 02:16:10 MSD 2008

> Yes it will work. The only question is, if there is an encoder out yet that
> can save h264 video in flv. I know the ffmpeg guys were working on it.
On that topic, I tried making a .flv video that uses h264 format. The
video was encoded using mencoder and x264. The video plays fine with
VLC, but when I want to inject metadata in the video using flvtool2, I
get the following error message:
ERROR: IO is not a FLV stream. Wrong signature.
Is it coming from the metadata that is positionned at the end of the
video file instead of at the beginning?

Did anyone manage to create a streamable flv video with h264 format?

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