h.264 streaming support?

伍鹏 wupeng at openv.cn
Wed Oct 8 14:15:49 MSD 2008

Dear Thomas,
I think it will work on nginx 0.6.32.
I tested the H.264 pseudo streaming module only on my 64bit machine. I do not know weather it will compile or work on a 32bit machine. If it works, please let me know.

Best Regard,

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主题:Re: Re: Re: h.264 streaming support?

@Kon Wilms: thank you very much for providing the f4v file,
unfortunately the video didn't play. I run flvtool2 to inspect the
video file, and as expected, I got the same error that I had when
encoding with mencoder: IO is not a FLV stream. Wrong signature. So
either Nginx flv module and/or the JW FLV player I am using don't know
how to use the file.

@Peng Wu: xie xie ni, I will have a look at your module. Is it
compatible with the stable latest release of Nginx 0.6.32? The video
quality is truely amazing, good ole' VP6 is completely left behind,
and my poor ole' iBook is struggling to play the video :-P

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