maxconn 1 in nginx

Michał Jaszczyk jasiu85 at
Thu Oct 9 13:28:54 MSD 2008


I'm creating a pretty big HTTP RESTful API that is organized in the
following way: There are many different functionalities in the API.
Different functionalities are served by different backend machines and
each functionality is another smaller RESTful API. In front of all
that mess I'd like to put Nginx. The idea is that Nginx would check
the requested path and dispatch the request to proper backend, like
- paths beginning with /some_path/... shoud be dispatched to,
- paths beginning with /other_path/.. shoud be dispatched do,
- etc.

So far everything can be done in Nginx easily. But: backends are
written in Ruby on Rails and we all know how good HAProxy's "maxconn
1" is for Rails. How can I achieve the same in Nginx?



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