maxconn 1 in nginx

Benjamin benjamin at
Thu Oct 9 18:28:37 MSD 2008

> Thanks for the info. So, to make sure I understand: haproxy will keep
> only 'maxconn' requests in flight to a server and sit on others until
> the backends catch up, right?

True. It's really useful with ruby on rails, because mongrel can just treat
one request at time.

upstream_fair (with weight-mode=peak) will only limit the number of
> requests, causing Nginx to return 502 errors. It could be hacked to
> never return a hard error (I think), so if that's the only difference
> and the OP is willing to do some testing, I can implement that.

I do not know the weight-mode option. But it's the same principle. Instead
of returning an error, haproxy created a queue of requests.
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