about h.264 streaming cache support

伍鹏 wupeng at openv.cn
Sun Oct 12 07:19:52 MSD 2008

Dear all,
>I have implemented an H.264 pseudo streaming module. And now I want to add cache feature to this module. 
Forget it!
I made a silly mistake, after reading docs over and over and now I realize this is unnecessary.
Using proxy module's proxy_store directive and some scripts, I can do everything I want.
No new code should be written.
Nginx is a great product, it has almost every feature I want. I love it.
Thank you Igor.

>My situation is that we have some data centers across country, and each data center has some servers to provide video clips to our users. >Because we want to simplify the management of the storage and video files synchronization problem, we maintain only one central storage. >The servers on edge data centers should cache the most visited video clips based on LRU algorithm. 

>I read the ngx_httpd_proxy_module.c file, and I think it is a good starting point. I know a simplified module capable of this cache >feature should work like this:
>Step 1.if the requested file has been found on local disk, return the file
>Step 2.if the requested file has not been found on local disk, proxy this request to original server and send the response to user and >save the file to local disk.

>I know I can implement Step 1 on ngx_http_proxy_handler function. For Step 2 I know I should create the proxy request on >ngx_http_proxy_create_request function, but I do NOT know on which function I can save the response file to local disk and how. Should I >implement this feature on ngx_http_proxy_finalize_request function? And which data structure contains the returned file data, is it >u->buffering?

Best Regard,

Peng Wu

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