h.264 streaming support?

Rapsey rapsey at gmail.com
Tue Oct 14 18:33:48 MSD 2008

FLV streaming module will not work correctly with h.264 FLV files. In a
h.264 file, you can't just jump to a keyframe, it also requires an AVC
sequence header (which is the avcC box in an mp4 file) and an AAC sequence
The change required to make the FLV streaming module work with h.264 flv
files is not big, the sequence header will be the first video frame and the
first audio frame in the FLV.


On Sat, Oct 11, 2008 at 3:33 AM, 伍鹏 <wupeng at openv.cn> wrote:

> Dear Thomas,
> I make a new video for you.
> Best Regard,
> Peng Wu
> 2008-10-11
> --------------
> >On a Debian Etch 64bits it compiles fine and I am now able to stream
> >mp4 files and jump around in the timeline. However I find that
> >scrubbing takes a lot of time for the video to start playing from its
> >new position, do you know where the problem could come from? I saw on
> >your new video which is the trailer of Pan Labyrinth, the scrubbing is
> >faster, did you tweak anything in the video? Is it because of the size
> >of the video? Does Nginx have to go through the whole video to find
> >the new seekpoint? The latter could be a big problem.
> >Anyway I am very happy with the module right now, let us know if we
> >can do anything to help you improve it. Making it compile on a 32bits
> >could be a nice advantage for developpers who are still on these
> >systems.
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