Multiple SSL certificates

Dave Cheney dave at
Wed Oct 22 01:17:44 MSD 2008

Yup - that is most likely because inside your VM container, the real  
IPs for and are not bound. You  
mentioned before that this VM only had access to an internal nat, so  
the only IP's that could be bound were Is this correct ?

If so, you will have to port forward both IPs to SEPERATE NAT'ed IPs  
in the range, then configure separate VIPs inside your  
virtualized OS to listen on those VIPs, then use those VIPs in place  
of the real IPs in your nginx config.

Are you able to do your testing on a machine with real IP's rather  
than a virtualized container, as the configuration of your container,  
not nginx, has been most of the meat of this discussion ?



On 22/10/2008, at 2:58 AM, Thomas wrote:

> Port 443 is forwarded from my hypervisor to the Nginx VM. Everything
> works fine if I remove the IP in the listen. It's a pretty basic
> configuration of Nginx I guess.

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