Reverse Proxy with Trac

Mario Gazzo mario.gazzo at
Thu Oct 23 17:32:10 MSD 2008

On 23/10/2008, at 14.53, Almir Karic wrote:

> On Thu, Oct 23, 2008 at 02:39:52PM +0200, Mario Gazzo wrote:
>>        	proxy_pass;
> make this:
>>        	proxy_pass;

Thanks for the reply but I did not explain myself very well. There is  
no "/trac" subdirectory on the Trac server. The "/trac" subdirectory  
is the path that I want to access trac with from the outside through  
NGINX, which means the external URL becomes " 
". The internal trac url is still and when  
it returns the page all relative links needs to be have "/trac"  
prepended in order to work with the external address. E.g. The  
internal address of a trac-page ""  
becomes "" when accessed from  

I do not know how to do this with NGINX if at all but I know that this  
is possible with another reverse proxy I tried but that I dumped for  
various reasons.


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