All traffic showed as proxy after installing nginx proxy to

Luka Horvatic lists at
Sat Oct 25 18:01:36 MSD 2008

I installed nginx as proxy and when i checked configuration i getting
error about not enough size for server_names_hash_max_size 2048;
So i increased to 4096 and it was fine then,but then i noticed unusual
problem-all traffic incoming shows as proxy traffic in traffic
script,which is impossible it cannot be 100% proxy traffic.Could be
something screwed with mod_rpfa?That is mod of apache which read traffic
normaly from nginx otherwise apache will think all traffic come from one
ip adress.I had to revert back to apache beacuse of this,i wonder could
be this beacuse of that mod since i installed nginx on other server with
indetical configuration and there was not problem with either that hash
max size either with that proxy reading but again i think i didnt
installed mod rpfa there.But is it realy needed to install mod_rpfa
since i dont read ip logs from apache i use php scripts for that.But
again maybe is some kind of conflict with mod evasive which i also have
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