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Liam Morley liam at
Tue Oct 28 23:27:12 MSK 2008

I've been using nginx to proxy to rails apps, and this has been quite
successful (thanks). But now I need to host a client's site which has a very
simple mail contact form (previously written in coldfusion running on IIS).
Now that I have to port this contact form to linux, the natural thought was
to use CGI. FastCGI is really overkill, I don't need a persistent process
just waiting for someone to send mail through a webform. A FAQ entry on "How
to use nginx as SMTP proxy with a postfix backend?" looked promising, though
documentation was empty and I imagine that nginx probably couldn't pass
parameters in a neat format if at all (though I'd love to be proven wrong-
how does send mail?). The other option I've seen is to proxy to
something else like thttpd and have thttpd execute a CGI script, though this
doesn't seem to be any better than FastCGI, and I'd really prefer the light
footprint of CGI, which only runs when asked (which, for this particular
client, will not be very often). As I don't have a separate mail server, I
don't need authentication, postfix will only send mail when the request is
on the same host.

Can anybody clue me in to some best practices in this case?

Thanks very much-
Liam Morley
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