emiller around? Trying to LXR 0.7.19

merlin merlincorey at rumandcoke.net
Wed Oct 29 01:16:12 MSK 2008


This might be slightly offtopic-ish, but I was wondering if anyone had 
any experience using LXR to reference something other than linux source 
code as I am trying to get a local cross reference working of latest dev 
branch; however, I intend to continue troubleshooting my issues on my 
own, later.

More on topic, I therefore wonder if emiller is around this list 
somewhere, and furthermore if he intends to update his public LXR with 
newer versions of stable and dev?  Regardless, I'm thankful for the 
resource it has helped me learn quite a lot about nginx much quicker 
than without.  Following on that topic, if emiller is gone or unwilling 
to update, is there any interest in this type of thing? If so, I will 
make mine public once I get it working :).


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