Nginx as a Linux Service

Chris Gers32 lists at
Fri Oct 31 13:42:31 MSK 2008

Jim Ohlstein wrote:
> In RHEL:
>   chkconfig --add nginx
>   chkconfig --level 235 nginx-on

I read here (

Unfortunately, all Linux distributions do not follow the same definition 
for runlevels. Under Red Hat, the following defaults are supported:

   0.   System halt
   1.   Single-user mode
   2.   Multiuser, without NFS
   3.   Complete multiuser mode
   4.   User defined
   5.   X11 (XDM login)
   6.   Reboot

Following the book "Deploying Rails Applications", I did this for 

sudo /sbin/chkconfig --level 345 mongrel_cluster on

Should I have used 235 instead, or must mongrel_cluster and nginx be 
configured differently? I assume the information in the book was not Red 


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