how to rewrite this: apache to nginx

Igor Clark igor at
Mon Sep 1 13:09:46 MSD 2008

Hi, if you create a debug log it will help Igor S and others to  
understand what's going on under the hood, and possibly fix the  
problem. Compile nginx with --with-debug and set the log level in your  
nginx.conf to 'debug', and you''ll see a great deal of data in the log  


On 29 Aug 2008, at 20:39, Robert Gabriel wrote:

> Well like how, even if i set nginx to debug I wont have any "error" or
> something like that. So let me know how...

On 1 Sep 2008, at 08:59, Robert Gabriel wrote:

> Hello, nobody else can help out with this weird issue? Does anyone  
> uses,
> or used Cerberus Helpdesk with nginx? Please let me know, its really
> important ...
> Thanks!
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