nginx for webhosting company

Sean Allen sean at
Mon Sep 1 19:55:24 MSD 2008

incron will do the monitoring for you...

On Aug 31, 2008, at 2:31 PM, mike wrote:

> Yeah or just check if something has been modified every minute via  
> cron too.
> You'll run in to this in lighttpd or any other server without  
> htaccess support. It just depends on your business model and if you  
> could force users to specific URL patterns you could have easy  
> checkbox style "click here to enable wordpress friendly urls" etc.
> On Aug 31, 2008, at 6:32 AM, Manlio Perillo  
> <manlio_perillo at> wrote:
>> Robert Gabriel ha scritto:
>>> Is it possible to use nginx for a web hosting company, like every  
>>> users
>>> can set his/her "rewrite" options, without "restart" of nginx and
>>> without need of root access. I am asking something on the idea like
>>> shared hosting, or hosting similar to Cpanel hosting, but without  
>>> Cpanel
>>> of course.
>>> If its possible, could anyone give me some examples?
>> This is not possible with Nginx.
>> You *need* to restart all the worker processes.
>> What you can do is to write a control panel that users can use to  
>> modify the configuration for their hosts, but warning the user that  
>> each modification will take effect only after n minutes.
>> Then you can setup a cron job that every n minutes check if  
>> configuration files have been modified and send an HUP signal to  
>> nginx master process.
>> Manlio Perillo

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