name based hosting limiting

Scott Larson stl at
Wed Sep 3 02:35:02 MSD 2008

      Well server_name only falls under the context of the server  
directive so in this instance it would look like you're stuck  
declaring a catch-all for each IP in this sort of configuration.  I  
typically set things up as firewall->nginx->apache.  It ends up  
leaving only one bit of software exposed at each layer and simplifies  
my life considerably.  Putting nginx at that layer lets me pump static  
content through it rather than bang it through Apache for some serious  
performance improvement.  But whatever, all situations are different.
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On Sep 2, 2008, at 3:12 PM, Paul wrote:

> Using apache and other stuff on the save server that listens on  
> other ips, plus have some ips that are just for other services  
> besides web and don't need/want port 80 open on those..
> I never use listen on * for anything, just a habit that I got into a  
> long time ago because I'm a big security freak :P
> Paul
> Scott Larson wrote:
>>     Is there a reason you're not using 'listen 80'?  That would  
>> bind to all your IPs and then you wouldn't need to do all the extra  
>> catch-all configurations.
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