Virtual Domains

mike mike503 at
Thu Sep 4 04:11:00 MSD 2008

first off here's a snippet of one of my fastcgi pools:

                        <value name="pm">
                                <value name="style">static</value>
                                <value name="max_children">4</value>
                                <value name="apache_like">
                                        <value name="StartServers">4</value>
                                        <value name="MinSpareServers">2</value>
                                        <value name="MaxSpareServers">2</value>
                        <value name="request_execution_timeout">31s</value>
                        <value name="rlimit_files">1024</value>
                        <value name="rlimit_core">unlimited</value>
                        <value name="catch_workers_output">yes</value>
                        <value name="max_requests">250</value>
                        <value name="allowed_clients"></value>

i set max_children and StartServers to the same, although I believe
anything inside of "apache_like" is ignored for now.

but yes, engines = how many instances of php (via php-fpm) are running
per fastcgi pool

for example, above, it is 4 engines

On Wed, Sep 3, 2008 at 4:57 PM, David <mishy.cth at> wrote:

> I am unclear what you mean by engines. Do you mean servers in the apache sense ?


> Sets style of controling worker process count.
> Valid values are 'static' and 'apache-like'
> <value name="style">static</value>

yeah, right now apache stuff is not completed

> To implement your suggestion of 10 engines do you mean simply changing:
> <value name="max_children">5</value>
> to 10 ?

yes, and maybe StartServers for good measure

> <value name="rlimit_files">1024</value>

haven't needed to change this

> <value name="max_requests">500</value>

i usually set mine a little bit lower. i don't really have any
benchmarks or evidence either way. originally when i was having issues
a while back i thought perhaps it was leaking too much memory so i
made it more aggressive by restarting processes after less requests.
500 should be fine. 250 should be fine. any number is probably fine...

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