HTTP PUT for file uploads

Brian Moran bmoran at
Sat Sep 6 10:34:21 MSD 2008

mike <mike503 at ...> writes:

> There's a variety of Java-based PUT uploaders.
> So far, we haven't found any Flash ones (we'd love to NOT use Java) -
> but there is a way to do it apparently, we just can't find anyone
> who's done it yet.

Check out SWFUPLOAD -- - flash based (with some javascript);
relatively robust; out of the box it's not persistent, but you can get around
that with re-submitting failed uploads using some Javascript-fu.

You might want to check, which *is* java based, however it
handles HTTP or FTP upload methods, can do chunk-of-a-file-at-a-time, and
probably could be made as robust as you'd like it to be.


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