Worker cpu affinity for 8 cores/cpus

Chris Savery chrissavery at
Sat Sep 6 14:39:33 MSD 2008

There's a decent explanation of it here:

It is complex but I think if can have worthwhile performance impacts as 
without affinity the cache memory gets invalidated as processes move 
from core to core. Avoiding that has got to have an effect. I haven't 
seen any real benchmarks though.
Chris :)

zoltarx wrote:
> IMHO: Affinity is just a flag which tells kernel on what CPUs can run 
> the code of specified process (even thread) - in other words you could 
> set affinity for first process to CPU0 and second to CPU1 and they 
> should be working on different CPU's I don't know if Linux kernel 
> supports that, but windows should honour this setting. I don't think 
> that this kind of separation would make big difference in performance. 
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