fastcgi debug and "no input file" cases

Reinis Rozitis r at
Sat Sep 6 15:31:37 MSD 2008

I have looked at your first question again and scratch that fastcgi_index 
in previous post...

Things to check (or common mistakes):
1. Are the php files localy on the fastcgi backend?
2. Is the spawn script ( set to enable remote connections (by 
default its usually only localhost)
3. Does the php load the right php.ini (is in path) - you can check by 
running the php executable on the shell 'php-cgi' or 'php' at <? phpinfo(); 
?> output (look at Configuration File (php.ini) Path - it should show full 
path to the .ini file used or none if php can't find one).
Or by creating some dummy file like <? notexistantfunction(); ?> and running 
'php dymmy.php' and looking if the errorfile is created on the fastcgi 


> Hi there,
> I have two main problems about nginx(0.6.32)+fastcgi-php (4.4.9). I am
> spawning php with spawn-fcgi thing and chrooting. nginx and fastcgi
> processes are on different machines.
> 1) PHP is not logging error nor display them even it defined in php.ini
> file which I am using while spawning php. php.ini directives below;
> error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE
> display_errors = On
> log_errors = On
> error_log = /php.errors
> fastcgi.log = 1
> But still I see a blank page and there is no php.errors file. "/ " path
> is also owned by php-user so there are no permission problems about that.
> 2) When an unexisted page requested from fastcgi-php, it says "no input
> file specified". In nginx logs it shows 404 code but it doesnt shows 404
> page, instead gives that message. How can I get rid of this message?
> Some apache users found something with url-rewrite but I dont want to
> use url-rewrite thing.
> Thanks.

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