TE_ADDR in path_info

remo.laubacher at ortic.com remo.laubacher at ortic.com
Sun Sep 7 14:19:14 MSD 2008

>> > If you can easy reproduce the bug, could run tcpdump to insure that
>> > nginx pass correct PATH_INFO to backend.
>> >
>> I can easily reproduce this error, it happens in about 30% of all
> requests!
>> Unfortuantely I can only reproduce this on one server - a virtual server
>> where I don't have access to raw packets. I guess there's no way to use
>> tcpdump there but I'll try it.
>> I could use a fast-cgi wrapper to check it too. Do you know a script I
>> could use to do that?
> On BSD you may try ktrace to see all process I/O. I do not know
> if strace/truss may do this.

It's not an nginx problem!
Oh and using netcat is probably easier.. The output doens't look great but
it's readable.


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