504 Gateway Time-out during POST

Rob Schultz rschultz7 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 7 22:04:09 MSD 2008

It sounds like your php-fastcgi isn't configured like your apache or  
you are not running that many instances of them to handle your load.  
Apache automatically forked more processes as load went up. php- 
fastcgi does not so you will have to add more processes to handle the  
load. Also i would recommend using php-fpm patch to php for running  
your php-fastcgi instances.

So to ask how many processes of php do you have configured running?
On Sep 7, 2008, at 12:05 PM, David wrote:

> Just to go into a bit more detail:
> I run a site with a fairly large forum. Since moving to nginx and  
> php-fpm my
> server performance has got worse. I fully concede this is likely to  
> be a
> configuration issue on my part, but it's frustrating to say the  
> least :-)
> I am getting a lot of MySQL server gone away messages which whilst I  
> appreciate
> can be caused by a lot of things, if when POSTing and executing PHP  
> scripts at a
> very slow rate it too can cause issues like this.
> Anyone else had these sorts of issues ? I'm thinking I may have to  
> go back to
> Apache and PHP atm :-/

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