504 Gateway Time-out during POST

Aleksandar Lazic al-nginx at none.at
Sun Sep 7 23:45:14 MSD 2008

On Son 07.09.2008 19:02, David wrote:
>I think this is what you meant by php.ini's timeout value:
>max_execution_time = 40
>Prior to moving to nginx and php-fpm I have never experienced this
>issue BTW.
>Below is a copy of my php-fpm.conf

>                  Sets the limit on the number of
>                  simultaneous requests that will be served.
>                  Equivalent to Apache MaxClients directive.
>                  Equivalent to PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN environment in
>                  original php.fcgi
>                                Used with any pm_style.
>                                <value name="max_children">100</value>

100 WOW

>      Time limit on waiting execution of single request
>      Should be used when 'max_execution_time' ini option does
>      not terminate execution for some reason
>                        <value name="request_execution_timeout">60s</value>

How long is your programm running?
Maybe you must increase this ans the max_execution_time

>        How much requests each process should execute before
>        respawn.
>        Useful to work around memory leaks in 3rd party libraries.
>        For endless request processing please specify 0
>        Equivalent to PHP_FCGI_MAX_REQUESTS
>        <value name="max_requests">500</value>

How much request are done before you get the 504 error?

Which version of nginx and php?
Please can you post a output of phpinfo()?

have you such lines in your php ini file

error_log = <A_PATH>/php-error.log
log_errors = On
track_errors = On



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