504 Gateway Time-out during POST

Aleksandar Lazic al-nginx at none.at
Mon Sep 8 00:25:13 MSD 2008

On Son 07.09.2008 20:05, David wrote:
>I put 100 to try and eliminate too few php-fpm childs to process the
>The program itself times out after about a minute, but on Apache and
>normal PHP it used to execute instantly. It's not a looping script or
>anything - just a couple of queries and output.

Pay attention some queries can be looooooooooong running queries ;-)

>Nginx: nginx-0.6.32
>PHP-FPM: php-5.2.6-fpm-0.5.8.diff.gz
>PHPINFO: http://www.vividdevelopment.co.uk/info.php


Does you application use mysql or mysqli?
After we have fix the 504 you should make the php setup safer ;-)

e. g.


>I will add the errorlog bits to my php.ini and update when I get some

Yes, please.

>Thanks for your assistance

Your welcome.

Btw.: your libcurl is reallly old 'libcurl/7.15.5'!

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