504 Gateway Time-out during POST

Aleksandar Lazic al-nginx at none.at
Mon Sep 8 13:14:37 MSD 2008

On Son 07.09.2008 22:47, David wrote:
>I have done all that you asked.
>Very, very, rarely that script will execute (it's just sending a
>private message to another user) as it should - basically instantly.
>I see sometimes fastcgi is logging the 
>I have just managed to recreate the 504 error and I can see no errors
>in my php-error-log file.
>The 504 occured here:
>[07/Sep/2008:17:44:24 -0500] 504 POST
>/forums/private.php?do=insertpm&pmid=101373 HTTP/1.1 upstream_response_time
>60.000 msec 1220827464.227 request_time 60.003

You see here first the 40s in php.ini and now the 60s in php-fm config
kills the process.

Please can you try to find out how long the task should run normaly!

You can try to set both values (request_execution_timeout,
max_execution_time) to a high value and see how long the task run


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