Custom response codes and content-types for memcache module

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Mon Sep 8 16:34:09 MSD 2008


I've just completed the "final" version of this patch. It allows both 
custom headers and custom response codes to be returned from memcached. 
There is one restriction though: it is not possible to use an 
'error_page' directive on the outcome of the memcached module. This was 
neccessary to be able to distinguish between a 404 response successfully 
served from memcached and a 404 response generated because no cache item 
could be found.

This behaviour is triggered on a successfull hit from memcached:

    /* disallow interception of error pages */
    u->conf->intercept_404 = 0;
    u->conf->intercept_errors = 0;
    r->error_page = 1;

Above code disables both interception of errors and custom error pages. 
It has been tested using the following Nginx config:

    default_type text/html;
    error_page 404 = /dyn$request_uri;
    if ($request_method ~* "^(GET|HEAD)$") {
        set $memcached_key $server_name$request_uri;
        memcached_pass memcached_backend;

The 'error_page 404' will only be triggered when the memcached module 
returns a 404 because of a missing cache item, NOT when a 404 response 
is served from the cache.

Feedback highly appreciated. This is my first 'hack job' on Nginx, but I 
hope this will be good enough to be included into the official 
distribution of Nginx. Igor?




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