mod_parsed_vars question

Manlio Perillo manlio_perillo at
Tue Sep 9 17:46:11 MSD 2008

ryo sato ha scritto:
> Thank you for answering my question.
>> Do you have applied the patch for Nginx, required by mod_parsed_vars?
> What patch is required by mod_parsed_vars?

This patch should be safe to use, but I have not tested it with recent
Nginx versions.

This patch is required so that Nginx will support "undeclared" variables.

> To use mod_parsed_vars, any other patch is required?


> [...]

>> What do you means by "doesn't work correctly"?
> It seems that the sessionID is not substituted for the variable($args_xxx).
> But no error messages is displayed, when starting the daemon.
>> Is the PHPSESSID correctly logged?
> No.
> Always displayed "-".

"-" is displayed when the variable returns "not found".

Manlio Perillo

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