cert handling on redirect of https subdomains

Reinis Rozitis r at roze.lv
Fri Sep 12 01:59:31 MSD 2008

> IE7 is quite popular. On mentioned graphs IE7 takes 27% vs 31% of IE6,
> but Vista is very unpopular: since begining of 2007 year it takes only 10%
> vs 80% of XP. I know that some people bought notebooks with preinstalled
> legal Vista, after some time they removed it and set up pirate XP.

Sorry for going too much offtopic now (from the initial SSL), but yeah IE6 
is still also my choice of browser..
According to our graphs (from a pretty large social network site) IE7 is 
taking slowly over (prolly because of the silent updates and such) but as 
there is allready IE8 in the oven (eg Beta2 although havent tested) we will 
(maybe) see IE6 less and less.. Or maybe world suddenly switches to Chrome 

As to Vista at least MS offers a valid downgrade to XP from bussines (which 
is usually installed on laptops) and premium editions..


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