Gallery2 rewrite rules

nginx at nginx at
Wed Sep 17 04:10:28 MSD 2008

> I'm wondering if some of those are even needed.
They're used by the rewrite module to allow "friendly" URLS.  For example:

Instead of:

> You should see if gallery has a main file that can control the entire
> app - like Wordpress, Drupal, etc.
The rewriting is only to produce human readable, friendly URLs.  PHP
PathInfo is supported, too, so I can definitely do away with the
rewrites... but PathInfo is more expensive (and slower), so I was hoping
to convert the rewrite rules.  Unfortunately, my regex prowess is
apparently not up to snuff, as I can't make nginx happy.

> Also - ditch spawn-fcgi. Use php-fpm :)
I saw a blog, somewhere, recommending the same.  I run Gentoo, though, and
looks like it won't be added:  Guess I can patch the
ebuild, or compile vanilla sources + php-fpm, if there's good reason. 
What makes php-fpm superior?  The doc is, umm, a bit light :-)

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