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Rob Schultz rschultz7 at
Wed Sep 17 05:05:55 MSD 2008

if you want i have written a ebuild that does the php-fpm patching and
copy's php-fpm startup script / config files into place. If you want i can
post it somewhere to let you download it. The only issue i had was you can't
have apache flag turned on because in the apache configure it never
generated the files needed to copy for start up etc. and apache is always
done last.
I was also looking at trying to get clean Gallery2 urls and gave up as i
never could find resources or get them done correctly.

On Tue, Sep 16, 2008 at 7:10 PM, <nginx at> wrote:

> > I'm wondering if some of those are even needed.
> They're used by the rewrite module to allow "friendly" URLS.  For example:
> This:
> Instead of:
> > You should see if gallery has a main file that can control the entire
> > app - like Wordpress, Drupal, etc.
> The rewriting is only to produce human readable, friendly URLs.  PHP
> PathInfo is supported, too, so I can definitely do away with the
> rewrites... but PathInfo is more expensive (and slower), so I was hoping
> to convert the rewrite rules.  Unfortunately, my regex prowess is
> apparently not up to snuff, as I can't make nginx happy.
> > Also - ditch spawn-fcgi. Use php-fpm :)
> I saw a blog, somewhere, recommending the same.  I run Gentoo, though, and
> looks like it won't be added:
>  Guess I can patch the
> ebuild, or compile vanilla sources + php-fpm, if there's good reason.
> What makes php-fpm superior?  The doc is, umm, a bit light :-)
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