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Sean Allen sean at monkeysnatchbanana.com
Thu Sep 18 17:47:08 MSD 2008

On Sep 16, 2008, at 3:09 PM, Paul wrote:

> I have built a small stand alone nginx server, all it is doing is  
> serving up one
> empty.gif. I want to use this server to get up to the minute logs  
> for my main
> site. Each page on the main site has an image tag for the empty gif  
> on the
> standalone.
> However, testing it, when i hit a page with the gif, it doesn't get  
> logged on
> the server. If i hit reload in my browser, it does get logged, but  
> if i type in
> the url or go to the page thru a link, no log. If i hit the empty  
> gif directly,
> it does get logged,
> How can i get it it to log every hit??

Like this:

location ~ ht.gif$
   access_log /var/log/ah/hitsummarizer/hit.log hitlog;
   expires -1;

assuming you called it ht.gif and wanted it logged to /var/log/ah/ 

you get the idea...

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