How to retrieve HTTP header from Apache in nginx?

Alex Man alexman at
Fri Sep 19 02:06:22 MSD 2008

Hi Aleks,

My nginx wasn't compiled with the debug module. Since I've another 
urgent project coming in I guess I'll just stick to the round-robin 
algorithm that Apache/Squid provides and revisit nginx later on. 
Thanks so much for your help!

At 12:55 AM 9/18/2008, Aleksandar Lazic wrote:
>On Die 16.09.2008 11:49, Alex Man wrote:
>>Hi Aleks,
>>Thanks for your information.
>>My problem is that, as I described in my first email, a header is not
>>passed by nginx to the ZEO clients for some reason. Igor said that it
>>should pass the header to Zope by default but I think it's not doing
>>that since as soon as I take nginx out of the chain, Plone can see the
>please can you send us a debug log?



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