Nginx slowing down...

Victor Iggy lists at
Wed Sep 24 01:39:14 MSD 2008

your keep alives are way to high for 120req/sec.

Lower it down to something more reasonable such as 30-15 seconds. 
Possibly your system is choking with many concurrent connections open.

Check that your not swapping,  vmstat -p 1  .. (on solaris, not sure of 
the equivalent on linux) Make sure that you don't see anonymous paging.

Third, do you have enough ram for system file cache? Disks are very 
slow, and if your system does not have enough ram to cache frequent 
files into ram, things will be slow.

In my production environment, nginx with solaris's zfs ARC cache trumped 
varnish. However, it might be in your benefit where you want a narrow 
memory cache for static files (such as varnish's mmaped cache file).

Good luck ;-)

fyi, we easily see 500-1000req/sec no problem here.
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