(fast)cgi and nginx - there has to be a better way

Reinis Rozitis r at roze.lv
Thu Sep 25 19:14:07 MSD 2008

> I've been running nginx for 3 years now - having found it relatively 
> 'early on' as an alternative to lighttpd leaking memory like a  sieve. 
> The most widely recommended php deployment is still the same  -- install 
> lighttpd and use its spawn-fcgi process.  it's neat that  the 'smart work' 
> is  already done, but given lighttpd's licensing -  it would be a much 
> easier admin if that script were just provided as  part of nginx.

Basically you dont need 'spawn-fcgi' from lighty to run php (for example). 
Because php by default has the ability to spawn and control the childs on 
its own..
More or less (besides setuid maybe) all the options are directly available 
from the command line or by setting global env variables. So using a package 
from different software is more like a (free) choice and not necessity.

I myself have sticked to spawnfcgi for couple of years while decided to 
switch to php-fpm at last and now I kinda regret a bit I haven't done it 
earlier - much more control (like request_slowlog_timeout and 
request_terminate_timeout are godlike), much less trouble...

> I simply want the integration of running FCGI stuff to be easier  within 
> nginx -- and running FCGI apps on nginx to be as easy as  running them 
> under other  servers.

Well how hard is it now?
You provide a host/port on which the FCGI app listens on in nginx and thats 
it.. Or I dont get something here?


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