(fast)cgi and nginx - there has to be a better way

Almir Karic almir at kiberpipa.org
Thu Sep 25 20:35:45 MSD 2008

On Thu, Sep 25, 2008 at 10:07:26AM -0400, Jonathan Vanasco wrote:
> Yes, but my issue isn't with saying "I need to write a FCGI app" -- I  
> have an FCGI app.   I actually have a bunch of them... my admin time is 
> 10x longer deploying them in an nginx environment right now than a  
> lighttpd one.

care to elaborate how deployment of on lighttpd is 10x faster than deployment
on nginx?

> I have a handful of nginx boxes on freebsd and another group on ubuntu 
> and RHEL.  because nginx puts off so much more of the fcgi config into 
> other apps , as an admin trying to sync up fcgi support on the app takes 
> more time because I can't centralize it to the nginx install of conf 
> files ( which can easily be handled in version control and deployed to 
> many servers )

care to elaborate why you can't put the the nginx config directory under
versioning control?

vi vi vi -- the number fo the beast

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