(fast)cgi and nginx - there has to be a better way

Reinis Rozitis r at roze.lv
Fri Sep 26 14:29:32 MSD 2008

> Never. I do want to allow unscaleable and unmaintainable configurations.

Igor can you a bit explain in what way that turns out unscalable or 
unmaintable (are the any internal restrictions to that)?

I mean in most webservers you can specify the 'handlers' globaly like for 
'*.php' '.cgi' etc etc..
And In most cases (imho) the only thing which changes within a virtualhost 
is the document root. In nginx you have to redefine everything - which might 
be nice as it gives the isolation between seperate vhosts then again is it 
used so often?

Of course we can't object to your decisions (otherways nginx wouldn't be 
here as it is) but maybe you can give some reasons behind?


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