(fast)cgi and nginx - there has to be a better way

Phillip B Oldham phill at theactivitypeople.co.uk
Mon Sep 29 16:15:25 MSD 2008

Jonathan Vanasco wrote:
> running php via fcgi is a PITA, and most ways involve using lighttpd's 
> fcgi manager
Sorry for the late reply... I've been away.

PHP via FastCGI is easy. Just execute `php-cgi -b /tmp/php.socket &` 
from the command-line, and its running in FastCGI mode. `export 
PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN=X` to set the number of child processes before-hand, 
if you need to. I've written a small init script to handle this for me.

Then tell nginx to fastcgi_pass to the socket: fastcgi_pass 

I'm running this set-up on 3 production servers with no problem.

Going down the route of using lighty's spawn-fcgi caused no end of 
problems for me. It seems as though the spawn-fcgi binary introduces 
some type of race-condition when passing requests to PHP, causing 
nginx/lighty to loose connections.
> trying to get a fcgi compatible perl app ( like Movable Type ) or a 
> python app is 10x more of a hassle
Isn't it just a case of telling the app to listen on a socket and then 
pointing nginx to that socket?
> not supporting cgi makes sense, but the barrier to using fcgi with 
> nginx is 'really fucking high' right now.
Do we really need the obscenities?

I think mike knocked up a small SCGI module after I put in a request. 
Not sure if anyone in the community is testing/using it, but maybe that 
could be a starting point for your issues if FastCGI isn't a solution?


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