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I run a vBulletin site on a small VPS that I recently switched to Nginx from
Apache. I recompiled php with fpm and have everything working fairly well
but we're experiencing one fairly major problem. It's a World War II site
and we have lots of file uploads, both as file attachments to posts and in
an integrated gallery app (PhotoPost). Some are fairly large so I have
uploads enabled in php.ini with a upload_max_filesize = 12M but Nginx
rejects file uploads that are over about 1000K. I get a "413 Request Entity
Too Large" error.


The server log reads :


2008/09/29 17:32:48 [error] 1955#0: *442737 client intended to send too
large body: 1074692 bytes, client: my.ip.add.ress, server:,
request: "POST /forums/newattachment.php?do=manageattach&p= HTTP/1.1", host:
"", referrer:
<> &p=


In this case it was four files that I was attempting to upload, all png's
between 200-300K, total about 1044K.


Any insight would be appreciated.




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