following symlinks

Michael Shadle mike503 at
Wed Apr 1 21:13:55 MSD 2009

2009/4/1 Igor Sysoev <is at>:

> I'm going to release tomorrow 0.6.36 with try_files.

Still, that is additional overhead for you to maintain two branches.
Sounds like you're planning 0.8.x around June anyway... and with some
people running 0.5.x still too, I'd say let's all try to make a push
for more people to run 0.7.x - since that will soon (hopefully) be the
stable branch once you finish the cache stuff in April/May (if I
recall you post)

I've been running 0.7.x since I started using nginx - it has a bug
here and there, but you patch them quickly and it's never been
anything that has actually reduced performance/functionality/etc. for
me. In fact, you add features quick that benefit me and I receive
those benefits because I am on 0.7.x and I don't have to ask you to
backport them :)

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