Nginx for pops/imaps

derwyn derwyn at
Thu Apr 2 09:27:17 MSD 2009


I managed to set up nginx to use as a imap/pop proxy with ssl.

I've found on the site the code in php to authenticate the users for 
The php script on the server sees the user and password as

Is it also possible to get the port that the user is connection to ie 
110,143 or 993,995 with some HTTP_AUTH_  variable or any other variable.
Cause the  HTTP_AUTH_PROTOCOL  will shows up as pop/imap and not 
pops/imaps as desired.

I can see it in the logs which port the user is connected to eg. 110 or 
any other port and then redirect accordingly.

2009/03/27 17:08:03 [info] 16730#0: *1 proxied session done, client:, server:, login: "user1", upstream:

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