Request for some smtp example with and without auth

Atif Ghaffar atif.ghaffar at
Sat Apr 4 00:16:23 MSD 2009

Dear all,

For pop and imap its pretty clear and I have documented on the wiki.

Can someone please state a short example on how nginx smtp proxy works with
a smtp server.
The documentation on this is very sparse, If you can forward me to the right
direction, I will write myself the documentation on the wiki.

Withougt authenticatin (MX)

* Is it possible to mutiplex to different real smtp servers (If not, its
fine, LVS can do that job)

* Is is possible to do something with the header before forwarding the
request to the real smtp sever. (How can real smtp server do RBL checks if
the IP address is local)

* What can nginx do before sending the connection the the smtp server (Can
it change/add some headers, can in pass the mail through a filter)?

With Authentication
Same questions as above. A short example (even in pseudo code) will be very

What to look out on the real  smtp server?
Does the actual IP goes to the real smtp server?


thanks and  best regards

Atif Ghaffar
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