passing header information on to backend Apache/PHP

Arvind Jayaprakash work at
Sun Apr 5 18:32:05 MSD 2009

On Apr 05, Peter Langhans wrote:
>I'm using nginx 0.6.35, apache 2.0.63 and php 5.2.9.
>My problem is, that I need my php scripts to know in some way or another
>whether SSL is used or not (to include either https or http javascript files
>When using nginx as webfrontend proxy, it accepts all the ssl connections
>and it's working fine, but when I proxy through to apache, the knowledge
>about SSL is 'lost'. If possible, I don't want to be using different ports
>for proxying through to apache.
>I thought it'd be enough to set headers like:
>for 80:
>proxy_set_header           X-Secure     of;
>for 443:
>proxy_set_header           X-Secure     on;
>put I have not found a way how I could retrieve those values from within the
>php script. They seem to be filtered out by Apache.
>Does anyone have an idea how I can get any custom set header, set in the
>nginx.conf through to the php scripts?

Please show us your config and php script.

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