using the upstream_hash_module and handling changes when adding new servers

jackdempsey nginx-forum at
Tue Apr 7 19:44:28 MSD 2009

Hi all,

I'm looking to use the hash module to split out many files across several servers. I've done some testing, and can confirm the obvious fact that when you add a new server, some of the files that used to be found at server1 are now looked for at the new server. One way to handle this would be to copy all of the files from all servers to the new server. I'd like to avoid this though, and only have files on the boxes where they're needed.

So, I've looked at the module a bit in the hopes of extracting the logic and basically allowing myself to say for a file named "foo.html", the hash module will direct me to serverX. Has anyone does this before? I would imagine this would be useful to others as well. Going to jump back into the code and trace through it some more; if anyone has experience in this area, I'd be curious to see how you handled things. 

Thanks much,

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