Can nginx hide port number and rewrites for virtualhost?

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Fri Apr 10 10:07:29 MSD 2009

On Thu, Apr 09, 2009 at 08:56:59PM -0400, sdotsen wrote:

> I'm running Oracle Collab Suite on port 7777 and 7778. Oracle installed its own Apache and hacking it has proven to be difficult. For one thing, I can't seem to get VirtualHost to work correctly. Since it doesnt use port 80 by default, I decided to put nginx in front of it. I managed to proxy pass port 80 to 7778. However, it doesnt stop there. Here's how things are now.
> My mail is pointed to the following URL:
> My conferencing portal is pointed to:
> As you can see, the URLs are pointed to mail because that's what the machine name is called. I managed to create a CNAME which works but once it redirects after you log in, it goes back to
> So, two things ...
> 1 - How can I hide the port number, I think I got it to work using proxy_pass but that only seems to work for one "server."
>   server {
>     listen          80;
>     server_name;
>     location / {
>       index index.html;
>       proxy_pass;
>     }
>   }
> I added a second "server" directive for "" but it sends me in a loop.
> 2 - How can I rewrite my URL so that if I go to "" it doesn't change to "" Don't forget the app was installed and takes the hostname of the server which is

However, it rewrites "Location"s header only. It can not rewrite links
inside HTML.

Igor Sysoev

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