Centralized logging for multiple servers

Gena Makhomed gmm at csdoc.com
Mon Apr 13 23:31:32 MSD 2009

On Monday, April 13, 2009 at 21:47:18, Anton Yuzhaninov wrote:

AY> If you want to send logs to other host via syslog-ng
AY> don't forget, that some records will be lost in case of
AY> network failure (longer than kernel tcp retransmit timeout),
AY> and in case of log server reboot.

may be http://developers.facebook.com/scribe/ can help.

Scribe is a server for aggregating log data streamed
in real time from a large number of servers. It is designed
to be scalable, extensible without client-side modification,
and robust to failure of the network or any specific machine.

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