Batcache, Wordpress and nginx?!

Barry Abrahamson barry at
Wed Apr 15 19:07:07 MSD 2009

On Apr 15, 2009, at 3:12 AM, Robert Gabriel wrote:

> Chris Zimmerman wrote:
>> Though I should mention this is on an apache install with stock  
>> php. So
>> it's
>> not related to nginx at the very least ;)
> I tried everything, Im stupid, but not that stupid :)
> Anyway, no errors, no messages, just doesnt really do anything  
> batcache.
> I installed wp-super-cache, added the rewrite rules, it works... but  
> its
> so so, have the impression none of the "engines" are what they suppose
> to be, or im just really dump!

Batcache works fine, we use it on to serve 40-50 million  
pageviews/day.  For a single server setup, however, wp-super-cache is  
probably better.  Batcache's real use is in a multi web-server  
environment since it doesn't write to the filesystem there are no sync  
issues, etc.  If you want to contact me off list about your WordPress/ 
Batcache issues I can try to help, but seems like the nginx list isn't  
the best place for this discussion.


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