Using XSLT and FastCGI together

Michael Nachbaur mike at
Wed Apr 15 21:10:07 MSD 2009

I'm developing a web application that makes heavy use of nginx's XSLT  
support (Thank you for that!)  About half of the content is in static  
XML files that describes the application's state.  But when people  
click on and interact with the forms and links on the page, those make  
calls to URLs which get dispatched to fastcgi daemons using  

What I'd like to do is output XML from my FastCGI daemon and feed that  
through nginx's XSLT stylesheets in order to render the dynamically- 
generated page.  But I'm finding that even though my fastcgi_pass  
directive lives in the same location block where my xslt is defined,  
nginx is sending the raw XML to the browser.

Is there a way to tell nginx to process the output of my FastCGI  
script with XSLT?


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